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Cleaning Oil Spills with Chemistry

9-ounce plastic cups
Vegetable oil
Black tempera paint powder
Teaspoon for measuring paint powder
Beaker for mixing oil and paint
Plastic spoons
Non-latex gloves
Cotton pads
Dishwashing liquid
Dropper bottle
3M Chemical Sorbent Particulate P-500
Small cups
Lipped trays
Waste bowls
Waste and rinse buckets
Microfiber cloths
Safety data sheets
Marker and labels
Table cloth
Goggles + goggle wipes
Protective lab smocks

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Serial: 04

**Note this is a longer MESSY program and takes more advanced setup**

In this activity, students will mix and "oil," "particulate." Then they will try various real-world ways that the ocean is cleaned of oil and learn of the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

This program demonstrates how chemists use models, tools, and the scientific process to understand our world and to discover and make new things. Chemistry helps solve challenges and problems in areas like energy, agriculture, health care, and the environment.

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