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Solar Power

Airplane Cutouts, Balloons, Candle, Cellophane, Black Cardboard, Crane Arm, Cut-out Sheet, Diode, Electrodes, Galvanometer Set, Heat Absorber Bag, Instruction booklet, LED< Magnifying Glass, Mirror, Motor, Parabolic reflector, pH paper, Plastic Arm, Plastic Jar and Lid, Propeller, Pulley, Reflector Legs, Reflector Pins, Resistor, Rubber Band, Rubber disks, Solar cell, Steel rod, Sticker sheet, Styrofoam Base, Support reinforcer, Test Tube, Test tube holder, Thermometer, Thread, Cardboard washers, Wire

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Condition: A - As new
Brand: Power Tech - Science Series
Serial: 1

A set with a variety of materials. Comes with a booklet detailing 150 experiments centered on the theme of solar power.

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