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Energy and Nano

10 Latex Balloons
1 Fruit-powered Clock (
1 60W Incandescent Light bulb
1 13w Compact Fluorescent Light bulb
1 LED Light bulb
1 Hand-crank Generator (
1 Light bulb Demonstration Block
1 Solar Cell and Motor Assembly
Parts for Molecular Models: (
-10 Oxygen (Red)
-10 Hydrogen (White)
-3 Carbon (Black)
-14 Grey Bonds

The provided parts can be assembled into 2 Methane Molecules (CH4) and 4 Oxygen Molecules (O2). These can be rearranged to create 4 Water Molecules (H2O) and 2 Carbon Dioxide Molecules (CO2). There are a few spares included in the kit.

Fee: $ 0.00 for 7 days

Condition: A - As new
Brand: NISE network
Code: ESN
Serial: 12

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